Cubex, a great Belgian story

The 60 cm modules standardized kitchen, which has become the standard throughout Europe, and more, is of Belgian origin. It was famous modernist architect Louis Herman De Koninck, who through his numerous studies on evolution and modernization of housing, developed a kitchen made of modules easily adaptable to all kitchen surfaces.

ARCHITECT LOUIS HERMAN DE KONINCKDe Koninck took the view that the kitchen was a painful place because it was impractical for women who worked there for long hours. We were in 1927!

The result was presented for the first time at the CIAM congress in 1930, (International Congress of Modern Architecture), which included the greatest modernist architects, as Le Corbusier, among others. The prototype aroused the interest a Belgian company: Van de Ven, which signed a commercial agreement with De Koninck offering him a percentage of the sales.

The architect returned part of his rights to the Modern Architecture Committee, considering it was a honest sharing.

The project, a prototype kitchen assembled entirely at the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Brussels, met the enthusiasm of innovative and avant-garde architects.

The modern functional kitchen was born!

Built under the “Cubex” brand and marketed by Van de Ven for 35 years, from 1930 to 1965, it fitted out thousands of homes.

Since then, the standardized and modular 60/60 system has been the basis for all kitchen and appliance manufacturers in Europe and, even today, from Ikea to Bulthaupt …

CUBEX IKEA CATALOGUEThe Cubex flyer from 1932 looks like the Ikea flyer from 2021…

CUBEX 1935-2021Rehabilitated and reissued in recent years thanks to a few visionaries, such as Xavier De Breucker and Nicolas Swinnen, the Cubex kitchen, reborn and timeless, is once again used in contemporary homes but also in restored houses or apartments from the 1930s to the 1950s, very popular with modernist architecture lovers.

Download the Cubex 2020 catalog here

Discover HERE some houses by architect Louis-Herman De Koninck

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